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Production of camera systems for application in terrain.
They were developed to guard endangered localities disturbed by man.
For example to guard nests of rare birds of prey from thieves.

The equipment has following functions:

  • wireless transmission of picture and sound on TV monitor in 2,4 GZ to 5 km distance
  • earner side with connection of 230V or solar power
  • high sensitive microphone able to analyze disturbing of guarded area
  • whole day operation in any weather in temperatures -5 to 50 °C
  • automatic camera switching on and off in lack of light (at night)
  • the equipment guards itself against thieves
  • the equipment watches over accumulator supply on relay side
  • it automatically switches and repeats alarm with disturbing the area
  • it automatically switches camera, microphone and alarm
    if the area is disturbed at night and the camera is switched off

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